Teh Tarik Place

Take 2 food-loving best friends with a dream of opening an affordable local makan spot and you’ve got the Teh Tarik Place. Opened in 2007, Teh Tarik Place plays homage to all things local.

Foodies can enjoy Malaysia’s renowned street food like our namesake Teh Tarik, crispy hand-tossed Roti Canai, spicy Nasi Lemak and wok style Mee Goreng Mamak. Each dish is made with perfected authentic recipes and quality ingredients.

Asia Techbiz Sdn Bhd contributions :

  • Planned WiFi hotspot.
  • Captive portal design and manage bandwidth allocation for office use, WiFi hotspot and android TV.
  • Provided social Wifi (free public wifi)
    1. user log in via any social media account, ie; Facebook (FB)
    2. click ‘like’ button in ‘Teh Tarik Place’ to access free wifi.
    3. user who had ‘liked’ ‘Teh Tarik Place’,need to check in ‘Location’ to access free Wifi.
  • CLIENT Teh Tarik Place
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