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"Asia Techbiz has connected over 10,000 WiFi user in many fields such as university, school, hotel and enterprises.”

We analyze, design, deploy and support several project to create a value to your business.
Why our WiFi and BYOD solutions became so popular?

Well there are 7 importantly reasons..

One UniFied Network with Zero-Handoff Roaming

Create one large wireless network across multiple APs so users can roam and seamlessly maintain their connection as they switch to the nearest AP.

Scalability for Thousand

It capable allowing for unlimited scalability under one centralized controller which provide instant provision and fast configuration for thousands of APs and quickly manage system traffic.

No Software Fees with Amazing Long-Range Wifi

Our controller software is bundled with the AP hardware at no extra charge – no separate software and licensing fees. Our high performance Wifi access point (AP) offers a longer range coverage up to 183 meter.

Holistic Network Monitoring System

Large enterprise wireless network require more than a good monitoring system – our network monitoring system not just to monitor network status, but also manage bandwidth, prioritize bandwidth, troubleshoot network issues, generate report, do remote authentication, accounting and authorization.

Beyond BYOD

Not just focus on WiFi system, but we also provide other solutions related with enterprise grade WiFi for beyond BYOD solutions such as E-Locker, IP CCTV, Network digital signage, IP Phone, M2M, security access, attendant system and others IP based equipment.

Sleek Industrial Design

Featuring a clean industrial design, our AP can be integrated seamlessly into any wall or ceiling surface.


The company is principally involved in enterprise computing and networking solutions, with capabilities to offer the following services :


  • EoIP/Network Tunnelling/IPVPN
  • MetroE / Direct Over Metro E (DOME)
  • Cloud radius system (Authentication-Authorization-Accounting AAA)
  • Social Login cloud system
  • Routing/Load balance/Bonding/Bandwidth management/QoS
  • VLAN/Firewall/Network monitoring/reporting/control
  • Network Cabling/Accessories/Equipment


  • Enterprise WiFi system (BYOD WiFi Hotspot)
  • Virtual SSID (Single AP multiple SSID)
  • Wireless equipment and accessories
  • Roaming Indoor Wireless Access Point (Single SSID multiple AP)
  • Long-range outdoor wireless bridge (Point-To-Point / Point-To-MultiPoint)
  • Social Login WiFi system (Login WiFi with FB like)
  • WDS/MESH wireless system
  • WiFi off-load (Hotspot 2.0)


  • Enterprise and Industrial grade DVR/NVR
  • CCTV Monitoring System (Local/remote/mobile)
  • CCTV Video Wall
  • VOIP / IP Phone / IP PABX
  • Network-linked digital signage
  • Door access (RFID/Biometric/LAN/WAN network-linked)
  • Attendance system (RFID/Biometric/LAN/WAN network-linked)


  • Network Audit
    Network assessment, Link planning & management audit, Distribution & control analyst, Wireless Security Checking & Frequency Checking.
  • Network Planning
    Site survey, Topology design & drawing, Bill of material, Guest portal design, Spectrum analysis link calculation, Radio channel selection, ISP service integration, Inter-networking configuration & network optimization.
  • Network Costing
    Quantity,Budget calculation, Maintenance cost calculation.
  • Network Security
    VPN, IPVPN, Tunnelling (EoIP), VLAN, Firewall Setting & Customization
  • Network Training
    Basic training, advance training, hands-on training, bootcamp, corporate training with or without professional certification.


  • ICT Hardware and Software supply and integrator
  • PC, Server, IP CCTV, VoIP, network system upgrade and migration
  • LCD Projector and digital signage supply and maintenance
  • Electronic Device locker supply
  • Consumable supply
  • Preventative and corrective maintenance
  • ICT equipment and lab rental

Our Technologies & IT Services

Our several projects, show how we can create a value for your business and organization.
We analyze, design, deploy and support several project to create a value to your business

Our specialization is to assist individual and organization on network bandwidth control. Bandwidth control is a set of mechanisms that control data rate allocation, delay variability, timely delivery, and delivery reliability. Quality of Service (QoS) means that the router can prioritize and shape network traffic. Some features of traffic control mechanism are listed below:

  • limit data rate for certain IP adresses, subnets, protocols, ports,and other parameters
  • limit peer-to-peer traffic
  • prioritize some packet flows over others
  • use queue bursts for faster web browsing
  • apply queues on fixed time intervals

Share available traffic among users equally, or depending on the load of the channel to supports Hierarchical Token Bucket (HTB) QoS system with CIR, MIR, burst and priority support, and provides both advanced queuing, and also an easy solution for basic QoS implementation - Simple queues. PCQ was introduced to optimize massive QoS systems, where most of the queues are exactly the same for different sub-streams. For example a sub-stream can be download or upload for one particular client (IP) or connection to server. PCQ algorithm is very simple - at first it uses selected classifiers to distinguish one sub-stream from another, then applies individual FIFO queue size and limitation on every sub-stream, then groups all sub-streams together and applies global FIFO queue size and limitation

Our specialization is to assist individual and organization to setup BYOD (Bring Your Own Devices) concept with hotspot gateway to enables them to provide a public network access for clients using wireless or wired network connections. The user will be presented a login screen when first opening his web browser. Once a login and password is provided, the user will be allowed internet access.

This is ideal for campus, hotel, school, airport, internet café or any other public place where administration doesn’t have control over the user computer. No software installation or network configuration is needed, hotspot will direct any connection request to the login form.

Extensive user management is possible by making different user profiles, each of which can allow certain uptime, upload and download speed limitation, transfer amount limitation and more.

Hotspot also supports authentication against standard RADIUS server and user manager which will give you a centralized management of all users in your networks. This is including Plug-N-Play access to network, authentication of local network client, user accounting, RADIUS support to local network authentication and accounting, configurable bypass for non-interactive devices, walled garden for browsing exception, trial user and advertisement mode.

Our specialization is to assist individual and organization to speed up browsing with caching web resources, and by delivering them cached file copies at local network speed and implements the following proxy server features:

  • Regular HTTP proxy
  • Transparent proxy
  • Access list by source, destination, URL and requested method (HTTP firewall)
  • Cache access list to specify which objects to cache, and which not.
  • Direct Access List to specify which resources can accessed directly, or through another proxy server
  • Logging facility
  • SOCKS proxy support
  • Parent proxy support
  • Cache storage on external drives

RouterOS can also act as a Transparent Caching server, with no configuration required in the customer PC. RouterOS will take all HTTP requests and redirect them to the local proxy service. This process will be entirely transparent to the user, and the only difference to them will be the increased browsing speed.


Another our specialization is, to monitor and configure your network with our Network Monitoring System . Network Monitoring System is an applications which can dramatically improve the way you manage your network environment. It will automatically scan all devices within specified subnets, draw and layout a map of your networks, monitor services of your devices and alert you in case some service has problems.

Not only can you monitor your devices, you can monitor any device that is accessible by Ping or provides SNMP information. You are able to make traffic and availability graphs, outage reports, and even use our NMS as a Syslog server for your device log files. This NMS can also manage your device configurations, and automate their software upgrades and mass configure them.

We help you to administrating your network, we also provides a large number of small network tools to optimize your everyday tasks. Here are some of them:

  • Ping, traceroute
  • Bandwidth test, ping flood
  • Packet sniffer, torch
  • Telnet, SSH
  • E-mail and SMS send tools
  • Automated script execution tools
  • CALEA data mirroring
  • File Fetch tool
  • Active connection table
  • NTP Client and Server
  • TFTP server
  • Dynamic DNS updater
  • VRRP redundancy support
  • SNMP for providing graphs and stats
  • RADIUS client and server (User Manager)


We are skilled in a variety of Wireless technologies, the most basic of them being the wireless access point and client. If it’s a small hotspot network in your home, or a city wide mesh network, we will help you in all situations. Some of the features supported are:

  • IEEE802.11a/b/g/n wireless client and access point
  • Nstreme and Nstreme2 proprietary protocols
  • Client polling
  • Wireless Distribution System (WDS)
  • Virtual AP
  • WEP, WPA, WPA2 encryption
  • Access control list
  • Wireless client roaming
  • WMM
  • HWMP+ Wireless MESH protocol
  • MME wireless routing protocol

NStreme proprietary wireless protocol allows to extend the connection range and speed, when using routers at each end. This has helped to achieve the current non-amplified wifi link length world record in Italy. Also supported is NSteme dual which allows to use two antennas at each end, one for receiving and one for sending.


To establish secure connections over open networks or the Internet, or connect remote locations with encrypted links, RouterOS supports various VPN methods and tunnel protocols:

  • Ipsec – tunnel and transport mode, certificate or PSK, AH and ESP security protocols.
  • Point to point tunneling (OpenVPN, PPTP, PPPoE, L2TP).
  • Advanced PPP features (MLPPP, BCP).
  • Simple tunnels (IPIP, EoIP).
  • 6to4 tunnel support (IPv6 over IPv4 network).
  • VLAN – IEEE802.1q Virtual LAN support, Q-in-Q support.
  • MPLS based VPNs

This means that you can securely interconnect banking networks, use your workplace resources while travelling, connect to your home local network, or increase security of your wireless backbone link. You can even interconnect two branch office networks and they would be able to use each other’s resources, as if the computers would be in the same location - all secure and encrypted. We also provides several proprietary functions that are not found elsewhere, for example EoIP which is a Ethernet tunnel between two routers on top of an IP connection.

The EoIP interface appears as an Ethernet interface. When the bridging function of the router is enabled, all Ethernet traffic will be bridged just as if there where a physical Ethernet interface and cable between the two routers (with bridging enabled). This protocol makes multiple network schemes possible, for example the possibility to bridge LANs over the Internet.


We are expert in equipment and configuration which supports Layer2 forwarding - including Bridging, Mesh and WDS. WDS allows to create custom wireless coverage using multiple APs what is impossible to do only with one AP (indoor, railroad installations) WDS allows packets to pass from one AP to another, just as if the APs were ports on a wired Ethernet switch. To optimize WDS performance on large scale networks our product has designed special layer-2 forwarding interface type - Mesh.

(R)STP eliminates the possibility for the same MAC addresses to be seen on multiple bridge ports by disabling secondary ports to that MAC address. This helps avoid loops and improves network reliability. MikroTik also offers an alternative to RSTP - HWMP+HWMP+ is a MikroTik specific Layer-2 routing protocol for wireless mesh networks.The HWMP+ protocol is an improvement of the Hybrid Wireless Mesh Protocol (HWMP) from IEEE 802.11s draft standard.


We do configure and supply equipment which supports a multitude of routing protocols.

  • For IPv4 it supports RIP v1 and v2, OSPF v2, BGP v4.
  • For IPv6 it supports RIPng, OSPFv3 and BGP.

Our expertise also in Virtual Routing and Forwarding (VRF), Policy based routing, Interface based routing and ECMP routing. You can use the Firewall filter to mark specific connections with routing marks, and then make the marked traffic use a different ISP. Now with MPLS support added to our equipment, VRF is also introduced. Virtual Routing and Forwarding is a technology that allows multiple instances of a routing table to co-exist within the same router at the same time. Because the routing instances are independent, the same or overlapping IP addresses can be used without conflicting with each other. VRF also increases network security. It is often used in, but not limited to MPLS networks.


RouterOS is the operating system of RouterBOARD hardware. It can also be installed on a PC and will turn it into a router with all the necessary features - routing, firewall, bandwidth management, wireless access point, backhaul link, hotspot gateway, VPN server and more. RouterOS is a stand-alone operating system based on the Linux v2.6 kernel, and our goal is to provide all these features with a quick and simple installation and an easy to use interface.

We help you to build secure private cloud storage for your. Use this simple, secure file-sharing solution to access all your files with any device on the go. All data is saved securely under your control in one secured location. Support instant, secure access to all your data Secure file sharing from any devices on the go.

With this cloud, large file and folder are easily shared. This local cloud could set up shared folder for secure internal collaboration and add a guest folder for efficient collaboration with partners together with automatic upload for registered file formats and capable to schedule backups in order to keep data safe in the cloud.

If your organization looking for this local cloud solution please contact us for FREE Consultation.


Cloud Hotspot is an interactive Control Panel enables the cloud management of Wi-Fi hotspot services. This solution is assuring a fast setup, and to easier manage multiple site Wi-Fi hotspot without any local installation and configuration and, at the same time, guaranteeing high-levels of reliability and security.

Please contact us if you are plan to setup or centralize your own Wi-Fi hotspot business for fast, easy and secure deployment with our Cloud Hotspot solution.


The firewall implements packet filtering and thereby provides security functions, that are used to manage data flow to, from and through the router. Along with the Network Address Translation it serves for preventing unauthorized access to directly attached networks and the router itself as well as a filter for outgoing traffic. With our firewall, which means that it performs full packet inspection and keeps track of the state of network connections traveling across it.

It also supports Source and Destination NAT (Network Address Translation), NAT helpers for popular applications and UPnP. The Firewall provides features to make use of internal connection, routing and packet marks.

It can filter by IP address, address range, port, port range, IP protocol, DSCP and other parameters, also supports Static and Dynamic Address Lists, and can match packets by pattern in their content, specified in Regular Expressions, called Layer7 matching. Our firewall facility also supports IPv6.



Digital signage is a form of electronic display that shows information, advertising calendar events, announcements and other messages. Systems range in complexity and features, whether you want to display the forecast to a couple displays (fairly simple) or a more complex deployment that can send information to screens with centralized cloud content management system over the wired or wireless network link across multiple site locations.
Digital signs (LCD, LED, plasma displays, or projected images) can be utilized by both the public and private sectors. We has experience and expertise to design and deliver this solutions for hospitals, schools, and corporate facilities.

By showing rich-media advertisements and other information to a wide variety of audiences, it often offers superior return on investment compared to traditional printed signs. When considering a system it is important to work with a company that can design and deploy a turnkey solution that encompasses current and future expansion needs.

Contact us for FREE Consultation on Cloud Network Digital Signage for your enterprise, school or hospital deployment.


The Display Note solution is a versatile, multi-platform, collaboration and annotation software, combining booth the presentation aspects of interactive whiteboards and diverse functionality of current tablet and handheld devices connected over Wi-Fi network.

  1. Stream the screen of a Windows, Mac OS or Linux based computer to iOS and Android devices for personal annotation and note taking.
  2. Annotate over any existing content on the host computer.
  3. Allow connected participants to take notes on their own devices on top of the host content.
  4. Create collaboration groups of multiple devices on top of host content.
  5. Control the host computer as a remote desktop from a connected device in presenter mode.
  6. Privately message participants from host or presenter device.
  7. Presenter can view anyone’s screen.

Contact us for FREE Consultation on Display Note for your enterprise, school or campus deployment.




KBlast is a an application and SMS gateway allows a computer to send or receive bulk Short Message Service (SMS) transmissions to or from a telecommunications network. SMS Blast allow user to manage contact and message broadcast. Most messages are eventually routed into the mobile phone networks with modem. This solution is ideal for business marketing and campaign.



IP CCTV or IP video surveillance system can support up to 50-camera deployments. The platform, which includes re-architected software, cameras, and a new Network Video Recorder (NVR) appliance, is the perfect solution for hotel chains, restaurants, hospitals, schools, government buildings, retail outlets and other businesses concerned about safety, security and loss prevention.

IP CCTV comes with the network Video Recorder or NVR, a compact, low cost network video recorder. This NVR can stores up to 1,200 hours of video at 480p resolution or 400 hours of video at 720p HD resolution on the built-in 500GB hard drive. When combined with IP Cameras and the video management software, a complete, enterprise-class video surveillance system can be deployed in a matter of minutes. For deployments with larger storage requirements, users can use the NVR software on their own servers.

The new video management software combines an intuitive user interface with advanced features. Re-architected from the ground up, the software now includes auto-discovery camera-based motion detection, user-level security, storage management, H.264 video, reporting and mobile device support. This software is bundled with IP Camera and NVR hardware, so there are no additional license costs or subscription fees.
IP CCTV software support iOS and Android with Web interface accessible on iOS and Android tablets and phones . It rapid, easy deployment via auto-discovery allow software discovers, configures and manages all cameras centrally. It has user-level, role-based security where detailed control over access rights for organizations with multiple users.

IP CCTV Improved performance and scalability with H.264 video for more crisp video and better storage utilization with major software enhancements which include Camera-based motion detection for improved performance, playlists for configurable live views, and automatic rule-based storage management for managing disk usage efficiently.


IP biometric door access and attendance system is a IP-based Bio fingerprint terminal with time attendance and access control capability. With rugged IP65 rated waterproof structure, it offers extra durability and it’s perfect for outdoor installation. From simple door control to complex networked environment and supports full functionality of time attendance and access control. All features comes in an elegantly designed, slick and slim device.

IP biometric door access control system is designed based on TCP/IP communication protocol, which uses network optical cable to transfer data of door control information. TCP/IP network door access control system has a built-in internet communication port on its main board and could be connected with router or hub directly through network cable.

The controller manages 2 access points, which can easily to configure as single door with IN & OUT reader connection, Two doors with reader as IN and exit push button as OUT and Two door emergency/fire controls.

This controller is designed base on open platform concept, It allow seamless integration with RFID proximity readers, Mifare Smart Card readers, Integrated Keypad readers, Biometric readers.
The controller comes with 5,000 card users and 10,000 transaction events and access Control Management Software allows system user to manage pass card database and maintenance of database, reporting and monitoring of pass card transaction events.

We eliminates significant time spent locating multiple facilities internally. We are your "Single Source" solution for every aspect of your professional and government training, such as facility selection, scheduling, administrative and technical support, as well as technical configuration, set-up and testing, training materials management, catering coordination and centralized billing.

Facility Rentals can eliminate the significant costs that go into maintaining your own training space. Whether you are looking for a training room for soft skills such as compliance training and continuing education, or a larger room for seminar training, we have the perfect environment for you.

To stay ahead of competition, many companies have to update and change their systems and technical platforms, making training necessary for employees as well as clients. This type of training requires a state of the art computer lab and we offers rooms to hold rooms from 10 computers to 40 computers.

Computer Lab and Training Facility Standard Specifications :

  • Full time on-site technical and administrative support
  • Technical configuration, set-up and testing
  • Customized Location Guide URL links
  • Fixed IP
  • Laser jet Network Printer
  • Catering Coordination
  • 1.6 - 3.0 Ghz CPU Intel/AMD
  • 1-4 GB RAM; 20 - 100+ Gb HDD
  • T1 full 1.5 Mbps to T-3 10.0 Mbps maximum bandwidth
  • Min. 17" LCD Monitors
  • LCD Projector Screen and Whiteboard (optional)

A domain name is simply a textual address by which anyone can find your host machine on the Internet. A domain name always contains a few components, i.e. labels, which are separated by a dot (period), thus:

The structure of a domain name conforms to the DNS Internet naming hierarchy which follows a tree structure. This structure allows computers to find each other on the Internet. Your business name is your intellectual property and protect it by register your business domain with us.

In marketing and advertising, branding goes beyond just merely creating a strong company name, it should also ensure that people would be able to easily recall it and would stay in the periphery of the consumers minds for a long time.

A powerful brand would be able to differentiate your companies products and services in a highly positive way. In effect, this will create a lingering effect on consumers, thus making them potential buyers of your products or future clients that will seek your services. Make your company web a good first impression and unquestionable as your major marketing tool to get across the message that you would want to send out.

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